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Dr. Michael Mendoza

20 years "hands on" experience practicing the healing art of chiropractic and providing fast and affordable pain relief.

Flexible and Accessible

"When my back and neck pain flare up, I can always get a same-day appointment. It's a relief to know that Dr. Mendoza will knock down the pain."

Karen Williams
Mt. Washington

Warm, Personal Care

"This operation is not about up-selling X-rays and additional visits. It's about providing caring treatments that make you feel immediately better."

Rob Delgado
Eagle Rock, CA

Quick Pain Relief

“With other chiropractors, it's hit or miss. With Dr. Mendoza, he'll take all the time he needs so when you leave the office, you're in less or zero pain.”

Liza Morgan
South Pasadena, CA

Chiropractic Care

We offer patients the most advanced chiropractic techniques to eliminate pain and get you on the path to healing.

Welcome to Mendoza Chiropractic

Welcome to the office of chiropractor Dr. Michael Mendoza. Dr. Mendoza's treatments are performed not only to quickly relieve your pain and discomfort, but also to help you to understand your pain conditions in context with a larger vision of optimal health.

With this approach, you become a partner in your own healing, not only eliminating your pain but restoring your overall quality of life.

Massage Therapy

We provide on-site therapeutic massage to aid in eliminating pain and promoting heath and well being.

Conditions Treated through Chiropractic Care

We provide natural and effective treatments for injuries and relief of chronic pain and inflammation.

We also increase overall wellness without use of pain medication.

Ankle Pain


Lower Back Pain

Auto Injuries


Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Hip Pain

Personal Injuries

Sports Injuries

Disc Bulge

Knee Pain


Therapeutic Massage

We provide customized therapeutic massage to meet the specific needs of our patients.

Premium Chiropractic Care

We take great pride in providing the finest and most effective chiropractic care to our patients.

What Our Patients Say About Mendoza Chiropractic

Gary Sheldon

“Dr. Mendoza’s adjustment techniques are consistently effective at providing relief from pain. I always leave the office feeling better. I cannot say the same about other chiros in the area. Dr. Mendoza gives you your money’s worth.”

Gary Sheldon

Pasadena, CA

Gina Baylor

“From the receptionist to the therapist to Dr. Mendoza himself, this staff is kind and professional. The doctor is warm and friendly and takes a lot of time with each patient. I’ve never felt rushed. It’s clear there’s a great deal of caring here.”

Gina Baylor

Eagle Rock, CA

Todd Jules

“I work in construction. My neck and back get injured. I come to Dr. Mendoza. I walk in crooked and in pain. I consistently walk out straight and greatly relieved of pain. A chiropractor who is willing and able to do this is a rare find indeed.”

Todd Jules

Highland Park, CA