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Playing sports is a fun way to get exercise, boosting your energy, mood, strength and metabolism.

Running, jumping, tacking and falling can also be hard on the body. When injuries occur, swelling is the body’s way of responding to injury by rushing chemicals to it to protect against infection. Athletes suffering from acute injuries from sudden accidents will experience extreme pain and swelling.

You may not be able to move a joint in its usual fashion. You may find that the arm, knee, ankle or foot can no longer hold much weight. The affected region may be weak, feel tender, and in case of a break or fracture, a bone or tendon may be visibly out of place. Chronic injuries, caused by repeated overuse of muscles, tendons and joints, are just as serious. Pain and swelling may not come so sharply or suddenly as with an acute injury, feeling duller and coming in waves, especially after exerting the afflicted muscle, tendon or joint.

The physical demands of contact sports like basketball, football or soccer require proper physical biomechanics, or accidents such as sprains and strains will be inevitable. Poor training techniques and other unnatural maneuvers of the body can force a lot of pressure on a particular muscle, tendon or joint, causing injury suddenly or over time. Improper gear can leave parts of the body more vulnerable to injury.


The goal of our treatment is to heal injuries and reduce pain and swelling while advising the patient on his sports playing technique and movement habits to prevent future injuries. Drug treatments tend to mask injuries rather than heal them. Dr. Mendoza will examine your medical history, consider symptoms, take an x-ray if necessary, and perform a physical examination before coming to a diagnosis and putting together a treatment plan. Ice massage, ultrasound and electrical stimulation are several options to reduce swelling around a joint or in a muscle. Passive range of motion is a technique used to reduce swelling and promote healing. Heat, mobilization and stretching improve the integrity of damaged soft tissue. Later in the healing process, Dr. Mendoza will assign a treatment plan of exercises to promote muscle strengthening without re-injuring the affected region, and a dietary plan to encourage healing of joints and building healthy muscle mass. Dr. Mendoza may also advise rest, immobilization, and keeping the injury elevated.


Sports injuries can be a major hindrance to an athlete’s lifestyle habits, making it impossible to play and participate in the sports activities that are vital to your general happiness. Chiropractic more than any other field offers what an athlete needs, by reinforcing the body’s neuromusculoskeletal workings. Dr. Mendoza is specialized in treating and healing athletes and sports-related injuries. Our clinic offers state-of-the-art medical technology, healthcare expertise and physical therapy to get athletes out of pain and back in the game.

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