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Car accidents happen even to the best drivers. Dealing with auto accidents is a hassle and inconveniently complicated.

It involves the stress of dealing with insurance companies and fixing or replacing your car. Experiencing the accident is traumatizing and the emotionally stress can be long lasting. Physical injuries can range from mild to grave, can be obvious or sneak up on you. Because there is suddenly so much to deal with, we may not prioritize our injuries, and they may worsen.

83% of auto injuries are related to whiplash. Whiplash is a serious condition caused by sudden accelerated and decelerated movement of the head. Ligaments, supporting muscles and other connective soft tissues in the neck and upper back can be damaged in the process. It can be forward, sideways or backwards. Headaches, neck pains, swelling or muscle spasms may be a sign of a whiplash injury. Symptoms of whiplash injury can take weeks to months to be fully noticed. Other auto injuries are mainly related to the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems as well. They can be many, afflicting your back, legs, and joints and accumulatively throwing off the overall structure of your body.


Dr. Mendoza is specialized in dealing with injuries associated with auto accidents and has seen thousands of patients afflicted with these injuries. Chiropractic services are focused on restoring the integrity of the body’s muscular, nervous and skeletal systems. The common injuries of a car accident are treated without drugs or surgery with the intent on healing soft tissue damage, strengthening muscles and alleviating pain. Dr. Mendoza will first learn more about your medical history, the nature of your accident and symptoms. He will then perform a physical examination before formulating a treatment plan. Treatment may include spinal manipulation, involving either short thrusts or slow mobilizing movements depending on the injury, traction machines, electrical stimulation, heat and ice therapy, and ultrasound are used to help decrease inflammation and promote healing. A regimen of movement exercises done in our care can eventually be done at home, including core-strengthening exercises, which are specifically meant for whiplash injury.


Dr. Mendoza has treated thousands of patients suffering from whiplash and other auto accident-causing injuries, and most of them have seen a complete recovery and return to their lives before the accident. Our multidisciplinary approach to healing auto injuries includes the best in medical technology, fluent health care knowledge and exhaustive physical therapy from a specialist in treating auto-related injuries. Dr. Mendoza will not only treat your symptoms but get to the source of your condition, helping you to get well for the long term.

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