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Pasadena-area Chiropractor Offers Chiropractic Promotion

PASADENA, CA, April 29, 2009 - Pasadena-area chiropractor Michael Mendoza of Mendoza Chiropractic is working to provide “economic stimulus” relief to the residents of Pasadena, California. Mendoza, whose office in the Northeast Los Angeles region of Eagle Rock, borders Pasadena to the east.

“It never sits well with me knowing that there are people anywhere out there who need chiropractic care and they can’t afford it,” said Mendoza. “There is a shortage of Pasadena chiropractors and the Pasadena area has been hit hard as any city by this recession. I want to make chiropractic care affordable.

The Pasadena Chiropractor Promotion includes four days of chiropractic care that includes the initial consultation, an examination, up to two x rays and four treatments, which could include spinal adjustment or physiotherapy or a combination of the two. Mendoza’s clients call the total cost of $187 for the promotion “priceless”.

“As a twenty year veteran of chiropractic care, take it from me,“ assures Richard Diehl of Pasadena, “most chiropractors aren’t willing to take you out of pain in four days. Dr. Mendoza relieved me of my pain in two days.”

Right now, to take advantage of the Pasadena Chiropractor Promotion, prospective clients have to reside in the City of Pasadena and show a license that has one of seven zip codes used by the city or a home phone number that begins with 626. The already popular promotion will be extended to the other areas that border Eagle Rock, including Highland Park and Glendale in the coming months.

Dr. Mendoza is a graduate of CSULA and the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. He is a certified Disabilities Evaluator and a state-appointed Qualified Medical Examiner for Worker’s Compensation and is considered an expert in the med-legal area of chiropractic.

“I come from clear across LA to get treated here,” said Roland Simmons. “They get you out of pain fast, but most importantly they teach you how to restore your overall health and life. “

Mendoza nods in agreement. “It’s true,” he says, thoughtfully, “the quality of your life is only as good as how healthy your back is. We focus on the larger view of health so that your life improves.”

At this point in time there is no expiration date for what has become an ongoing promotion. To learn more, you may call Mendoza Chiropractic at 323-254-2881 or visit their website.


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